Fundamental Principles
Union aims to the protection and the progression of its members’ social and economical rights and interests in working relations. In order to realize this aim, by not ignoring the democratical principles through the protection of the absolute unity of State with Country and Nation and sustaining Atatürk Principles;
a) Union tries to provide a fair salary for its members.
b) It tries to provide the protection and the progression of its members’ body and psychological healths.
c) It tries to increase national income and to make a fair share for its members within this increased income possible.
d) It tries to bring a member group, who is aware of the role and the worth of working in social life and recognizesits rights and duties related to the subject by ignoring the difference of language, race, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, into existence
e) Union takes that Turkish Unionist Movement assumes the attempts of its members using their labour-peace-freedom, social justice, social security and human rights for the above aims within the principle of free unionizm through constitution as its one of the main principles
f) It should be a powerful union to protect and to develop workers’ rights
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