Union, with the exception of using its rights and qualifications rest on current regulations;
a) Contracts collective bargaining aggreement,
b) Gets collective bargaining disaggreement,
c) Applies; presents its opinion; and requests to the office in charge; to conciliator; to the arbitrator committees; to the labour courts; and to all the other justice organs,
d) Decides to strike and directs it,
e) Joins to international labour organizations; breaks up them; sends representative and observer to the international labour organizations to which it has joined up,
f) Sends representative to the committes convened according to the law and the international aggreement rules,
g) Appoints or/and removes representatives of shop steward according to the rule in charge,
h) Organizes the labours in working-places and branches where it is active through the principles of union,
i) Uses its qualifications rest on general rules as a corporate body,
j) Presents at judical aid to its members through their rights of social security, retirement and e.t.c in the juridical relations beared by working,
k) Organizes the cources and the conferences that can aid to develop national economy and investment avaible to increase professional informations of its members, and to increase real productivity; establishes the foundations like liberary, printing house, health and sport center e.t.c; provides opportunities to which labours will have their waste times well,
l) Aids to be founded funds rest on help and education in the cases of marriage, birth, illness, oldness, death, disability and unemployment,
m) Aids to which its members found cooperative, and credits to them for this,
n) Does studies to give professional education, information and experiment to its members,
o) Ä°nvests in industrial and financial attempts limited by fourty percent of its existing cash.
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